Algoma Little League 2015

Algoma Little League is a member league within Michigan District 9, the home of the 2002, 2004, 2008, 2010, & 2011 Big League Softball World Champions! We are one of 24 leagues in the district.  Click here to link to the District 9 field locations.

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a new rule for the 2014 season.

If you are from CSJBL and your Player is a Minor (9-10) or above and have played before Please note that you have played in the League before and Please answer Yes to that question on the Algoma Registration form and the number of  years you have played in your League. 


Welcome to Algoma Little League 2015!

We are excited to announce a merger between Algoma Little League and C.S.J.B.L. this season. To help the merger go smoother we will not merge the Blast ball, Tee Ball or Coach Pitch from Cedar Springs Junior Baseball League (Algoma Little League does not offer a Blast Ball program) if your player was in any of these division last year they will still play in  Cedar Springs Junior Baseball League. If you are in the Algoma boundaries and if your child is age 3 they may be allowed to play Blast Ball in C.S.J.B.L. just contact Matt Greenland for more information and availability.C.S.J.B.L. Minors, Majors, Pony/Juniors and Seniors divisions please register using theAlgoma Little League web site

If you have any question just contact use at:

Algoma Little League President Michael Waite or (616) 799-6129

C.S.J.B.L. President Matt Greenland or (616) 291-1469

We are still in the process of finalizing everything and will keep you as updated as possible.

For the new incoming players you can register online at  Your fees are $50.00 for Tee Ball and Machine Pitch and $60.00 for Minors and Majors 

If you have any questions, comments, or want to be considered for a Board Position please contact me at 616-799-6129.  Any calls received Monday through Friday before 4:00 pm should be returned between 4 & 9 pm the same day.  You can also e-mail us at

Thanks for all of your support over the years!

Mike Waite



President: Mike Waite                              (616) 799‐6129

 VP of Softball:  Jason Wendtland          (616) 240-4393

VP of Softball:  Brad Harrison                  (616) 696‐4152

VP of Baseball: Don Britten                      (616) 350-0065

VP of Baseball: Brian Sinnema                 (616) 540‐0050

Treasurer:  Jennifer Wordelman              (616) 293‐5453

Treasurer:  Katie Merritt                              (616) 548‐1688

Secretary:  Amanda Bassett                          (616) 255‐3454

Fields, Safety, Umpire:  Charles Stalter     (616) 726‐0617

Umpire Leader:  Chris Collins                      (616) 862‐9868

Coach Coordinator:  Chris Robbins            (616) 520-1870

(CSJBL)  President: Matthew Greenland   (616) 291‐1469


*** 2015 TRUSTEES ***

Mail and Deposits:  Marci Waite                     (616) 263-9776

Equipment Manager:  Chris Winstanley        (616) 866-4725

Equipment Manager:  Glenn Byxbe                  (616) 520‐5880

Concessions:  Brad Osburn                               (616) 540-9728

Concessions:  Regan Paige                                (616) 835‐7680

Sponsorship:  Nicole Symon                             (616) 560‐5986

Sponsorship:  Jodie Amell                                 (616) 636‐4969

Field Maintenance:  Jim Conely                       (616) 696‐1782

Field Maintenance:  Jeff Drake                         (616) 302‐1899

Safety Coordinators: Chris Paige                       (616) 835‐5653

All Star Coordinator: Mike Brown                    (616) 822‐5867

Trustee:  Camille Harrison                                  (616) 696‐4152

Trustee:  Jessica Newton

Concessions Assistants:  Jody Flanagan


Our Boundaries:


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